Friday, November 13, 2009

Where shall I start?

Woke up to a dreary Friday, oh well, best just get busy and I will not even notice the sun isn't shining! I am currently working on so many projects that one is bound to get finished today!I have my fleece waiting for me on my cutting table, my cro-hook shawl project sitting by easy chair waiting for me, my suede yarn coat project on my other table in my craft room, and now I decided to start my crocheted snowflakes since they take awhile to dry. Like I said, there is not enough time in a day!
Our near-by river dam is running fast and just gorgeous, have to try and get some pictures of it this weekend.
Tomorrow is our daughter's 33rd b-day. How can that be,where does time go? Since she got her diabetes,age 11, I have made her , her favorite desert. I take a block of cream cheese, powder sugar, cool whip, mix all together, and then put it in a grahamcracker crust. I then put some remaining graham cracket crust, crumble, lightly on top of entire pie. I ran this recipe by our local diabetes clinic, and they said it was the perfect desert for her. It has gotten to be the entire families favorite, plus now her new family since she got married 2 years ago.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That pie sound delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Happy b-day to your daughter. Hope you have a great weekend!