Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Real Sauna

Here is what a real sauna looks like. My uncle made this a few years back. I just love a hot sauna!

Fall colors

This is what we will be seeing soon. This is last years maple tree by us.

summer or fall?

Good grief, here it is end of August and we had to turn the heat on in our house! What a summer, maybe 3 nice days we could call summer. Well, I think I will get out the fall clothing, put away the shorts!
Good thing I didn't rush out and buy a new summer wardrobe!
Our youngest granddaughter is now a "True Finlander". Her parents took her the Embarrass Fair, sauna and had boiled dinner later that night. Now she is really following in my footsteps. This is how I was brought up, country fair, sauna's and finish stew we call Moyaca. Don't know the correct spelling, not a good finlander! :)
Today I hope to continue working on a new crocheted bag, again using my cro-hook. I am lining it and putting a zipper with 2 separate pockets. I want to add pockets on the outside too so will have some experimenting to do.
Friday I had the nices surprise, an old friend called and dropped by for a visit. I had not seen her in 5 years. She just never ages, this gal. We had a great visit, talking about grandchildren, aches and pains and yes, dreaming about getting away for the winters.
Also what a pleasent surprise to come on my blog and find all the new followers and a comment too. I am having a great time with Etsy shop of mine and making new, talented and interesting friends. Check out who I am following and see all the many beautiful crafts that they have on Etsy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shades of turquoise

Here are 3 washcloth/dishcloth's I just finished using the cro-hook method.

Finished Camoflauge mats

I feel good about getting these mats finished and also adding the crocheted items. Now just to finish the bags and I can post those too. Today is nice sunny day, not very warm for August though, Only in the low 70's. We are supposed to be going back into the 60's again for next week with even some temps in the 50's over the weekend! What a cruddy summer. Better toughen up. winter will soon be here! I am ready to go traveling, trucking, by car , anything! My husband still has to work until the first week of Dec. then we can have the winter free.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall colors

Here is the Fall dishcloth/washcloth

Fall colors

Hand towels 13 1/2 by 10 1/2

Fall colors

Before we know it the leaves will be turning. Here is my version of minnesota's fall colors.
My hand towel is 13 1/2 by 101/2 inches the washcloth or dishcloth is 8 by 8
All cotton, keep their size when washing and drying. Notice the difference on sides. These are done with a cro-hook. I use two different yarns at once.

2 more mats

Here I have made 2 camolauge mats. I think they would make nice boat seats, or any sportsman would like them in his truck, cabin or chair. Could also be used as a large hot pad. Different lighting made one apear lighter.


Well here I have the perfect day to take pictures of my crafts and I still can't seem to do justice to items. I am learning to take with and without a flash, using different lighting, and props. I guess practice makes perfect, I hope so!
Here are a few pictures of what I soon will be selling on Etsy
I have made 1 mat in this pattern and 2 with solid green middle.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 square rug

This is the 6 square mat that I just finished and will be adding to my shop on etsy.

At the Park

Please don't fall! Big sister Kari is a very athletic!

cookies at bedtime

Oh Dear, it is 9:p.m. and the little one is eating cookies with lots of frosting! Our neighbor works at a bakery and brought the girls a treat one evening. The girls couldn't wait until the next day to sample the cookies, or should I say frosting.

Summer is back!

We finally have some nice Hot summer day's. We could do without the humidity, but best not complain, that nasty winter will be here soon enough. Last week was a busy one. We had our daughter and 2 granddaughter's stay with us. We are very blessed to have these 3 wonderful girls!
The house certainly got quiet after they went home. I got busy right away working on my crafts. I am also working on a things to bring to the boutique in Oct. that is in Proctor. I worked on a new bag today, and also some more shower puffs.

Monday, August 3, 2009

flax seed and B c0mplex

Today has been a very busy day again. I want to share that my husband and I started on superB complex this weekend. All the benefits from it sound just wonderful. Our daughter had a start of carpel tunnel and also diabetic so her dr. put her on one pill a day. So far her numbness and tingling in her hands has disappeared! We are also on Golden Flax (cold milled). We think that this has contributed to our loosing weight, lower cholestrol and many other noticeable plusses.
I have not had such nice hair since highschool, and also finger nails!

scrubbie and washcloth

This is dishcloth/washcloth with my rose scrubbie that I listed on my etsy site today.

Big stuffed bunny

My granddaughter had to bring her big Buddy Bunny" over to "grandma's clinic" Oh dear, it had a big hole in the neck and the stuffing was coming out! She was so happy Bunny is all better now.