Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SunShine all around!

November already, where on earth did October go to? Goodness, before we know it, xmas will be here and I have so much to do!! I hope I can keep saying that for a long time to come! I love being busy,but never too busy to take time out for my family.
I was very happy to get going on with my new design for my Shades of Blue polar fleece rug yesterday. There is lots of prep work but it is all fun. My 3 yr.old granddaughter came to visit yesterday and saw all my polar fleece strips waiting to be put on the loom and announces....Mammam's making her putting rugs again! If that doesn't just make one's day!
Today we have sunshine, at least for awhile, rain in forecast for later today. Temps are very nice, in low 40's, so no complaints here!

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