Thursday, October 28, 2010

who knew there were so many types of bamboo knitting needles?

This morning I have been researching double pointed bamboo knitting needles. I would prefer to purchase many sizes at once. So far on I see the best deals and quality offered. I have some Clover bamboo needles which are excellent but pricey when you want to buy them in every size. I prefer knitting with bamboo needles so I will continue to research for the best deal and quality.
Today I saw my first tiny little snowflakes coming down. Only 31 degrees out,but yet no accumulation! That is ok,it is too early for me to have that white stuff on the ground, winter's are long enough here in northern Mn.
My daughter just gave me the best cream cheese pumpkin dessert recipe that I will later copy on here. I am a sucker for anything pumpkin!
Today I am working on my polarfleece large bag, plus when I take a break from that and watch the tv, I am knitting gloves and mittens,plus leg warmers. I have my directions all spread out in front of me, making it look like I work in utter chaos! Oh well, that is me, I work best under pressure and many ideas flying through my mind!
Best get busy now for the day is a wasting!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

polarfleece not just for blankets

I have taken polar fleece and prepared them into strips and weave them on my handmade loom. Polar fleece makes a very soft and strong attractive item. Many uses and lasts forever when properly taken care of.

New Fingerless gloves, New Polar Fleece bags soon to come

I have been very busy working on adding to the inventory in my Etsy shop. I have been designing my own patterns so it takes time but it time that is well spent. Love playing with all this different yarns, fabrics and colors.
Check back often to my etsy