Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get the winter clothes out!

Well it is time to get tough! The cold weather has come to stay I think. Yesterday was rainy, wind bursts up to 40 miles an hour and just plain nasty! Our fall colors are getting very pretty in some areas, but , with this wind, the leaves will all soon be on the ground.
Now I am more in the mood to stay in the house, work on my crafts and drink tea!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rocks that I inherited

Thunder egg and amethyst

picture of the mystery rock or?

Mystery Rock

This morning while chatting with my etsy friends, one in particular, Heartsabustin, was very helpful in giving me some insight to what this strange rock that I inherited might be. I was impressed by all the jewelry makers on this morning's chat , very talented crafters in the etsy shops. This piece was given to me by my Dad who got it from His father .He had no info on it either, just puzzled to what it was. Anyone that has some insight or may know what this is, drop me a comment. I inherited allot of Brazilion agates, some polished some not, thunder eggs, and too many to even start to list. I have to find someone that can tell me for sure what they are. I do know that my grandfather and his 4 brothers were all rock hunters and made crafts with them. They were all from the state of Washington.
It has floating quartz balls floating in it, and is very heavy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camoflage fleece headbands

This is the size large fleece headband, come in sizes lge, med and small.

new fleecehead bands

Here is my granddaughter wearing her new fleece headband, she is now ready for winter! She is so captivated by this faceless styrofoam head I use for modeling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspirtation and exposure

This morning, as usual I check out my etsy shop to see if any action has arrived, check out the forums, and chats. This morning on the chats, talked to a few shop owners that were very helpful once again. Not only do they give you exposure by posting pictures of your items but they give helpful hints too. I get inspired to get to work on my crafts ever day with excitement.
Today, I am finishing up on my new design for fleece headbands. Can't wait to see the reaction I get from them. Once again it is an idea that came to me to try. Also have all my strips ready to start my next 3 section rug. I have been told they go very well in a Motor home and also semi truck. Why step on cold floors when you can have these soft thick rugs to step on. They are so easy to clean so this makes them perfect when you are on the go too. Also will be adding my other new line of belts. Also excited to see how these are accepted. I like to take ideas and run with them, achieving that something that no one thought to do because directions tell you otherwise.

Well the Fall Colors are getting here already! We have allot of bright garnet red maple trees heading towards International Falls. Also mixed in them are the golden and orange maple leaves, looks like a post card every few miles down the highway.

I did it, thanks to Christen

I finally was able to add my "mini etsy". I went on the etsy chat yesterday and found a new "helpful friend", Christen. She emailed me and walked me through step by step on how to add to my blog. If you are interested in a new banner or want your twitter or blogger sites customized
check out Christen1285. She is a seller on etsy also. My many thanks to you Christen!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Superior

This is along the north shore of lake superior

lift bridge

Here the lift bridge is just about to up. This is at canal park in Duluth

boat going under the lift bridge

This is our granddaughter running on the pier at Canal Park in Duluth

Lake Superior

Today is another beautiful day, in the high 70's. The weatherman said this morning that we best enjoy it because the rest of the week looks like thunderstorms and rain with seasonable temps returning. Oh well, at least we had a weeks worth of summer like weather!!
This past labor Day weekend was a busy and fast one. We did take a ride up the North Shore of Lake Superior. We started in Ely Mn. and traveled up #1. It is a back road all the way through the woods, all tar no gravel, and very curvy and narrow. This is a trip I have enjoyed since I was a little girl when my Dad and Mom used to take us. I had my camera all ready but saw no wild life. In the past we have seen Wolves, and Moose and lots of deer. The route to the lake and up to Two Harbors was very busy, I think allot of people had the same idea. It can be so cold by the lake that normally we always go on a really nice warm day. We stopped at a neat little craft mall in Beaver Bay. I went into a small quilt shop. Really neat, and of course, couldn't come out empty handed. I bought some suede like cloth to make a pillow cover. I will take a picture when I am done. We walked a little on some trails by the lake, and went to the break wall in two harbors. No ships were docked at this time. My husband in the past has gone scuba diving here many times. We ate in Duluth Mn. finishing up our day.