Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking a break and going Trucking!

Today I get to take a break from creating and go trucking with my husband! I just love this, doesn't matter where I travel to in this semi, just love riding in it! Today we will deliver logs to the yard in Duluth, next to lake Superior. Then return the trailer back to the woods in Embarrass. I will take along my camera and hopefully get some good pictures. It is a cloudy day out so pictures may be a little dark.
The road restrictions went on at mid night last night so we can take this last load being it is only the main highways that we will be on.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Color Crayon Rug

I have finished my "Color Crayon" rug! I love the plush bright colors and the new size I can now make, no seams! I love these woven polar fleece rugs because of the softness and being strong at the same time. They do not stretch out, fade or no loose ends to get ones shoes or something caught in.Washable, dry in a low setting dryer or best if laid flat to dry.

size is 3 ft. long by 17 inches wide