Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still Blacktopping!

We have beautiful sunshine here today in northern Mn. Temps are back up into the 40's and 50's and supposed to hang around until next week. This nice weather now allows my husband's summer work to keep on going on until the weather gets really nasty. They are blacktopping a bike trail and streets yet. Also we have some last minute yard work to do, grind up the leaves and put out the bases for the steel xmas trees my husband makes. He being the electrician and computer whiz made up the brains for the trees to flash the LED lights to music. He makes his own little computers, puts them in a secure box, puts it on a timer so the lights come on and go off every night the same time. Very pretty when they are all lined up around the yard. I hope he decides to make more, wouldn't mind having them go right around the outside of our property. Well I best get to my weaving. I am very happy with the progress and outcome of my shades of Blues in my soon to be finished rug.

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