Thursday, November 19, 2009

Advertise, networking, and more advertising!

Good morning all from foggy northern Mn. Everyday I start out the same, thinking how to get my etsy shop more visibility and traffic. I blog, I follow other blogs, read the forums and join in on chats on etsy, and twitter. I did make some business cards, and some small flyers to spread in a 400 miles radious, here to the cities. Lets see if that does anything to get more exposure. I keep hearing here on etsy from other crafters, have patience, times are really tough, others who sold big before xmas last year have near to nothing in sales. So, all I can do, and advice, is, we have to have patience, and continue doing our craft that we love.
Today, however, on the etsy forums, one states that try other outside blogs, not etsy sellers. She wants to let you know and not forget, it is a big world out there, try to get the word out to everyone. So now I will search related blogs to my craft and see if it is something that will help.
Have a great day everyone!

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