Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Sun is shining today!

Well our dreary weather has left us for awhile, hopefully. The leaves are flying everywhere, making a thick carpet in many areas. Our granddaughter had her 3rd birthday party this past weekend, what an exciting time! She came to my house to get her bangs cut yesterday, too bad we didn't get that done before all the birthday pictures! Today I am measuring , cutting and sewing polar fleece strips. I need to get more pink and also blue strips ready for the loom. I still have a little to go on the fringe for my suede stole. I am liking it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

blue fleece headband

Finished new items for my etsy shop

Get the Shovels out!

Well, looks like the weather forecasters may be right this time. Rain today, steadily falling temps and snow starting this afternoon. They say to expect 2 to 4 inches! Oh well, I guess it has to come sometime. The birds have been going just crazy the last couple weeks, picking the red berries off my mountain ash trees, and getting Drunk!!
They fly just wild,then splashing in our bird baths, quite a site to see. I should be sneeky and record them.
I usually am not a complainer, but this has been on my mind a long time, actually since my first knee replacement 14 yrs ago. Anyone getting older, any type of physical handicap surely appreciates a public bathroom with a tall toilet! Yes, toilet, the ones that are usually out there except for the one and only handicap stall, are ones that you practically sit on the floor! Why not just install the tall ones so everyone is happy! I have 2 at home, they are not that much more expensive than the regular! Anyone else feel this way?
Well today would be my Mom's 81st b-day. She passed away when I was just 21. I still can hear her voice, smell her Wind Song perfume and remember her laugh. I am fortunate although to have her 2 sister's, my aunties which I love dearly.Through the years I have tried to compare them to her, wondering if she would be like them
and look like they have as we have grown older. Happy birthday Mom!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday already?

I don't know, the older I get the faster time goes by. My parents used to say this and I wondered always, what on earth do they mean by this? But, it is true! Saturday we took a back highway to go to Duluth, leaves were flying everywhere, leaving a carpet on the ground. Then, we spotted 2 large bald eagles sitting in a pine tree. Many big crows were circling them, diving at them and making a big racket. We stopped to watch a while, of course, no camera! The eagles acted like they could have cared less about these crows.
We did our usual shopping and heaven for bid, I got into the yarn shop again! Bought some more wonderful colors and types of yarn! Oh and of course I couldn't go without buying polar fleece too. This time was for our granddaughter. She is so into Dora the Explorer, so I had to buy this fleece when I bought it.

I added another woven polar fleece mat today to my etsy site. It is so much fun to see your crafts up on the net. Makes one proud!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What happened to Fall?

Goodness, we saw the beautiful fall colors for just a short time and we are now going into winter? We have snow and rain here in northern Mn. today. At least the temps. are staying above zero. I have 2 many projects on the burner once again. Today I determined to get the fringe on my new design, crohook scarf. Also still cutting and sewing that polar fleece for rugs , mats and bags.
I listed a couple of my new items on etsy the last couple of days. Oh yea, I did join Twitter. Now that is interesting, love looking at the posts and meeting new people.
Loretta Lynn is performing here at one of the local casinos next week. Shoot, I was not on time and missed out on getting tickets. She has been one my favorites, since I was a little girl. Guess you could say I was raised up listening to her and all the country western stars on my radio.

Exciting News

I have had two wonderful emails, one telling me that my mini etsy is on posted on their blog, and also that I am on featured on FoundHandmade.com How wonderful to get this exposure and the fact that people out there have found me and like my items enough to post them.

AudreysCountryCrafts is a beautiful blog. Take time to check it out.
FoundHandmade is also a site full of info and posts many artists and their shops. Both a great place to brouse and shop. Be sure to have time to get it all in.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Snow Coming!

Well here it is Sunday evening, most of the new snow we got early saturday morn, is gone. BUT....
more coming tomorrow! They are now forecasting a 70% chance for it with highs only in the low 30's. Goodness, certainly hope this does not mean winter is really going to stick around!
I went to Joanne's fabrics to day and purchased some "princess" fabric for a dress for our youngest granddaughter. She said she wants to be a princess, so I found the perfect fabric for it. When finished I will take a picture and post it on here. Hopefully it won't be a blur, this little one does not sit long!
Tomorrow I hope to get some pictures of the new items I have finished. I have 4 new mats, a scarf and 3 bags. I need to get a polar fleece bag done for myself too. I am thinking I want blue, red and green. That will go with my wintergreen coat that I have from Ely WinterGreen store.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What Snow?

Oh goodness, On the weather channel this morning they forecast for our area, tomorrow, up to 2 iches of snow may come! Better go and dig the boots out! I have heard that it will be a mild and much warmer winter for us , let's keep our fingers and toes crossed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Southwest Vase

Here is one of my best sellers when I was in my ceramic business. I used acrylics plus chalk. I create layers by spraying and chalking over the paint.

Paper Roses

Coffee filter flowers

I have had many requests to post pictures of my coffe filter roses. I was watching Martha Stewart one day and saw a gal making these wonderful coffee filter roses. I went the Martha Stewart site and here they had a video, showing step by step how to make them. Well, our daughter was getting married soon and when she saw my attempt at these roses, she naturally wanted at least 100 of them! Yes , 100 roses in various colors. I got all my supplies and spent a month , off and on making them. I changed the pattern some plus how I applied the water color to the petals. I m a painter also so a lot of us just have to do things our own way! Hope you enjoy seeing these paper roses!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yaami Handmade

Yaami Handmade

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Minnesota Fall colors

Great hostess gift for the holidays

Here we are into October already, the weatherman was talking about our area seeing some snow showers this weekend!I hope we get to see fall a little bit here before that white stuff starts to cover the ground! I have been busy making my woven rugs, crocheting washcloths/dishcloths and also fleece headbands. Time just flies when I get in that craft room of mine, should take time to organize again so my I can find stuff. One of these days my husband is going to tell me that I should open up a store in there! Oh well, I am never bored, that is for sure.
Tonight comes one of my favorite tv shows, NCIS. I like the Mentalist, Castle and of course all the CSI shows. I get my cro hook work done while sitting in front of the tv. Better to have these fingers busy creating than shoving snacks into my mouth!
Well gotta go and sew strips for my rugs, then cut them before I can weave. I m leaning towards fall colors right now but who knows what I choose when I get into that room!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My New Fall Colored Washcloths?Dishcloths

Here are 3 of my Fall colored cro hook designs for washcloths /Dishcloths
I use all cotton yarn
8x8 in size
machine wash and dry

I love creating with this cro hook, allows me to use many colors