Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Snow Coming!

Well here it is Sunday evening, most of the new snow we got early saturday morn, is gone. BUT....
more coming tomorrow! They are now forecasting a 70% chance for it with highs only in the low 30's. Goodness, certainly hope this does not mean winter is really going to stick around!
I went to Joanne's fabrics to day and purchased some "princess" fabric for a dress for our youngest granddaughter. She said she wants to be a princess, so I found the perfect fabric for it. When finished I will take a picture and post it on here. Hopefully it won't be a blur, this little one does not sit long!
Tomorrow I hope to get some pictures of the new items I have finished. I have 4 new mats, a scarf and 3 bags. I need to get a polar fleece bag done for myself too. I am thinking I want blue, red and green. That will go with my wintergreen coat that I have from Ely WinterGreen store.


  1. Wow...where are you located!? We're getting colder--tomorrow high will be in the 50's--but no signs of snow...
    You have pretty items by the way...

  2. aghhh we here in NE Wisconsin (the Valley) had flurries this morning. YUCK... not a fan of the white stuff falling down!