Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here we are into October already, the weatherman was talking about our area seeing some snow showers this weekend!I hope we get to see fall a little bit here before that white stuff starts to cover the ground! I have been busy making my woven rugs, crocheting washcloths/dishcloths and also fleece headbands. Time just flies when I get in that craft room of mine, should take time to organize again so my I can find stuff. One of these days my husband is going to tell me that I should open up a store in there! Oh well, I am never bored, that is for sure.
Tonight comes one of my favorite tv shows, NCIS. I like the Mentalist, Castle and of course all the CSI shows. I get my cro hook work done while sitting in front of the tv. Better to have these fingers busy creating than shoving snacks into my mouth!
Well gotta go and sew strips for my rugs, then cut them before I can weave. I m leaning towards fall colors right now but who knows what I choose when I get into that room!

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