Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get the Shovels out!

Well, looks like the weather forecasters may be right this time. Rain today, steadily falling temps and snow starting this afternoon. They say to expect 2 to 4 inches! Oh well, I guess it has to come sometime. The birds have been going just crazy the last couple weeks, picking the red berries off my mountain ash trees, and getting Drunk!!
They fly just wild,then splashing in our bird baths, quite a site to see. I should be sneeky and record them.
I usually am not a complainer, but this has been on my mind a long time, actually since my first knee replacement 14 yrs ago. Anyone getting older, any type of physical handicap surely appreciates a public bathroom with a tall toilet! Yes, toilet, the ones that are usually out there except for the one and only handicap stall, are ones that you practically sit on the floor! Why not just install the tall ones so everyone is happy! I have 2 at home, they are not that much more expensive than the regular! Anyone else feel this way?
Well today would be my Mom's 81st b-day. She passed away when I was just 21. I still can hear her voice, smell her Wind Song perfume and remember her laugh. I am fortunate although to have her 2 sister's, my aunties which I love dearly.Through the years I have tried to compare them to her, wondering if she would be like them
and look like they have as we have grown older. Happy birthday Mom!

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