Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mystery Rock

This morning while chatting with my etsy friends, one in particular, Heartsabustin, was very helpful in giving me some insight to what this strange rock that I inherited might be. I was impressed by all the jewelry makers on this morning's chat , very talented crafters in the etsy shops. This piece was given to me by my Dad who got it from His father .He had no info on it either, just puzzled to what it was. Anyone that has some insight or may know what this is, drop me a comment. I inherited allot of Brazilion agates, some polished some not, thunder eggs, and too many to even start to list. I have to find someone that can tell me for sure what they are. I do know that my grandfather and his 4 brothers were all rock hunters and made crafts with them. They were all from the state of Washington.
It has floating quartz balls floating in it, and is very heavy.

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