Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspirtation and exposure

This morning, as usual I check out my etsy shop to see if any action has arrived, check out the forums, and chats. This morning on the chats, talked to a few shop owners that were very helpful once again. Not only do they give you exposure by posting pictures of your items but they give helpful hints too. I get inspired to get to work on my crafts ever day with excitement.
Today, I am finishing up on my new design for fleece headbands. Can't wait to see the reaction I get from them. Once again it is an idea that came to me to try. Also have all my strips ready to start my next 3 section rug. I have been told they go very well in a Motor home and also semi truck. Why step on cold floors when you can have these soft thick rugs to step on. They are so easy to clean so this makes them perfect when you are on the go too. Also will be adding my other new line of belts. Also excited to see how these are accepted. I like to take ideas and run with them, achieving that something that no one thought to do because directions tell you otherwise.

Well the Fall Colors are getting here already! We have allot of bright garnet red maple trees heading towards International Falls. Also mixed in them are the golden and orange maple leaves, looks like a post card every few miles down the highway.

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