Sunday, August 30, 2009

summer or fall?

Good grief, here it is end of August and we had to turn the heat on in our house! What a summer, maybe 3 nice days we could call summer. Well, I think I will get out the fall clothing, put away the shorts!
Good thing I didn't rush out and buy a new summer wardrobe!
Our youngest granddaughter is now a "True Finlander". Her parents took her the Embarrass Fair, sauna and had boiled dinner later that night. Now she is really following in my footsteps. This is how I was brought up, country fair, sauna's and finish stew we call Moyaca. Don't know the correct spelling, not a good finlander! :)
Today I hope to continue working on a new crocheted bag, again using my cro-hook. I am lining it and putting a zipper with 2 separate pockets. I want to add pockets on the outside too so will have some experimenting to do.
Friday I had the nices surprise, an old friend called and dropped by for a visit. I had not seen her in 5 years. She just never ages, this gal. We had a great visit, talking about grandchildren, aches and pains and yes, dreaming about getting away for the winters.
Also what a pleasent surprise to come on my blog and find all the new followers and a comment too. I am having a great time with Etsy shop of mine and making new, talented and interesting friends. Check out who I am following and see all the many beautiful crafts that they have on Etsy.

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