Friday, July 17, 2009

Keep on trucking

Today here in northern Mn. is a rainy cold day, feels like fall. Summer needs to come back and stay for winter will be here before we know it.
I went to see my Dr. on Monday. All seems ok, except for the arthritis now has gone into my foot. I have a cyst on the outside of my foot which makes wearing shoes uncomfortable. What next, now I have to hunt for shoes I can wear when the weather gets colder. So far Teva sandals are the answer because of the open sides. My foot is turning inwards. My Dr. feels strongly about no surgery or injections,they would not help. So I just learn to live with this too and maybe the cyst will go away as other's have in the past. Just never have had one on my foot.
Today I will continue with sewing, making childrens aprons and and back to school smocks. Will eventually add those to my shop too.
I wish we were trucking, seems like just one of those days where I could ride, ride and ride. Over the road trucking is such an adventure that my husband enjoyed for a year It was one big vacation for us.

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